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is and support the greatest numbers of jobs, the most growth, the most benefit for the u.s. economy. to come up with that requires a balancing, even among domestic interests, and then to go to 11 other trading partners in the case of ttp and t-tip and figure out a landing zone where it is a win-win for everybody. nobody gets 100% of what they want in 100% of the chapters, but we have to be able to look at the package as a whole and make sure that is serving our interests and our values and that it is supporting what we need to support in the united states in terms of job creation, growth, and strength and the middle class. those are our watch words. everything we do is tied back to those three objectives. so we will be working over the course of the next couple of months on tpp. as t-tip get up and running, we will try to achieve that objective. >> and hope there are no more government shutdowns to stop you. a couple of you have mentioned agriculture, which is not really represented up here. though governor, you have the tomato industry in tennessee. i will use you as a proxy. what do you say t
, if they don't focus on the weak economy, they don't deserve to be in power. this is an obvious answer. 24million people in america who are out of work or given up looking for work. we have the worst employment since the great depression. somebody has to be able to say hey, the government, the obama administration is responsible for this and the republicans can't make an issue out of it. >> who can leave the republicans at this difficult time? is it ted cruise of texas? >> there will be out of power for about generation. >> really? >> yes. >> why do you say that? >> because he is the far right of the american public and on the far right of the american people. he's an intelligent guy. he doesn't deserve -- >> he is extremely popular in texas. >> he isn't going to win the election for the republicans. the guy who can win the election is somebody like jeb bush who is a moderate, very effective governor. >> i think he is -- you are missing the problem, john. look, we now have half the american people are getting benefits directly from governor, including old folks and everyone else a
and the whole economy of the united states hostage. that is what they tried to do. they failed. thank goodness, and the hostages have been released, the government is back up and operating, but there are some of us who are sincere about supporting the concepts of this bill. the promise of this bill which is extraordinary, really, and historic but we recognize that there are some pieces of it that need to be fixed or tightened or tweaked to make sure that it's going to work in the future as we have said. so, again, that is simply what my bill does. i'm happy to introduce it. i've got one cosponsor, senator manchin from west virginia, but many others have expressed their interest in working with me on this, and i look forward to bringing this before the committee for full debate and hopefully to the senate floor in some way in the near future for debate and hopefully for passage. and i yield tour. i yield the floor. i suggest the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll. quorum call: quorum call: a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from co
're talking about a second of the economy that is now vulnerable, because the web site did not work, and obamacare is built on what is a very, very faulty assumption, and presumption because of mandate, that young people will sign up for health care they don't need. these risks are very high. where are the republicans headed now, and what is the course you all will follow? >> we are going to continue to get to the bottom of this you point odd one major issue, the cyber security issue, as you heard, that you know we're concerned about that you know, therure americans who are managing to get on to web site at this point, at some time, they are vulnerable it cyber security issues. if you saw kathleen sebelius she looked like deer in the headlights but she could not answer those question. this thing is dying of self iinflicted ported mortal woundss go with something we know will work. lou: that is? >> american health care reform act, it covering these, and provides affordable healthy care, but it does not with the patient-centered approach in the free market. lou: and congress welcome
of the country isn't as bad as some people say it is? so what's it mean for the economy and for stocks, we're going to give you the answers in three minutes. >>> and we have the first and only video of the first bombing run of that new f-35 fighter jet. the planes are designed to replace the f-16s as the backbone of american air power. stew is out today. we're joined by kayla tausche. kayla? >> thanks, tyler. we start with a story that impacts anyone who flies. that phrase "please turn off your electronic devices" we hear every single time before takeoff, that may soon be a thing of the past. soon. not quite yet. shares of goinggo up big. they don't give you wi-fi below 10,000 feet which is what this rule changes, but the idea is maybe they will. phil lebeau is in chicago reporting on the faa's new policy. a long time coming, phil, but fun to see that it finally happened. >> you know, kayla, you fly a lot like i do. i think we're both tired of the stare that we get from the flight attendant when we don't turn off our kindle or whatever we might have on at the time. that's going to be chang
did not want. this matters, obama care affects one- sixths of the u.s. economy. not to mention your own economy. why is going off line again. >> one of the nation's busiest airports is in the seen. >> it is like a dream. it was not real. it was so intense and not normal to hear that. >> the attack like this tests our resolve and who we are and respond. the line of fire and recovery. >> in moments, the now evidence that the killer may have had a specific target in mind. and a city's response in the face of tragedy becomes a point of national pride for all of us and celebrating boston strong. i am harris faulkner. down again. that is linking americans to health care exchanges will go off line in a few hours from now. the site will be down for an extended fix. something that the website sorely needs. it is plagued since day one. you can count the number of successful enrollments on hand. and memos from the obama administration show that six people managed to sign up the first day the website went live. the administration is promising a tech surge will fix
about your health at . >>> as the government shutdown risking pulling the entire economy down, to read the front page of u.s.a. today, the hanover is all here, but jim isn't buying it. the argument is something like this. the debt 26 to 28 billion-dollar to the company, reverberates, stops the yuletide sales, stops us in our tracks. you don't necessarily agree. >> neil, who are they trying to kid? we have seen several months in a row of lousy, barely there jobs numbers there and parttime jobs instead of fulltime jobs. retail sales have been slipping for several months. we have had property, plant and equipment investment disappear over the last two years, even the housing market, the bright spot of the recovery, has been coming off for the last several months. now, several mocks into the slow down, they want us to believe a two-week shutdown because a difference functional washington is going to disrupt the consumer christmas season? it's already been disrupted by bad behavior on the fiscal side, and if you don't believe me, ask the federal reserve word, they're printing
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economy. >> food stamps are a hotly contested issue in the farm bill, a source of controversy since created 75 years ago in the shadow of the great depression. the first food stamp program was a way to brim the gap between struggling city dwellers. participants received stamps to buy the surplus food. president kennedy implemented the program. electronic benefit cards replaced it. officially called the supplementary nutritional issue or snap, it stands at record levels. 48 million americans used them at a cost of $78 million, an average $133 per month. eligibility depends on income level. no alcohol, cigarettes or hot food. what they do supply is an overall boost to the any. >> for every dloor spent through today stamps you generated $0.75 in the rest of the economy of. of all the things lawmakers could do, one like now when unemployment is high, nothing is more or has a bigger bang for the buck than the food stamps. >> united states secretary of agriculture says the cuts affect for man programmed resip yets. farmers receive some of the money. >> economists say grocery stoors, food
and certainly, the economy is a wet blanket that is hanging over everything. but again, the health care news is big news, not only the website, but the stories of people dropped off with their policy and wills people who are experiencing rate shock and sticker shock, they are part of the mix and one of the primary drivers of the decline in the job approval rating. >> got. it tom bevins thank you for the analysis. >>> minutes from now president obama will deliver remarks about a plan to jump-start the job creation following the numbers in september that found only 145,000 jobs. bill? >> reporter: the president will have comments to attract foreign businesses to the city and states. the president created the program and wants to expand it in an all hands on deck effort at job creation. right now ten countries account for 80 percent of the foreign investment that creates five and half million jobs. the administration would like to increase that number. and the folks suggest that it will not require much spending but there is a study that suggest that one of the obama administration job creatin
in the economy so their needs have not changed. they still see their hours suppressed, unemployment high and they still need this food assistance and they rely on map is for making sure their households have a nutritionally adequate diet. >> brown: that's part of the argument, right? one argue system a very large argument that's been going on for a long time. another one is the immediate what happened during the recession and things haven't recovered far lot of people. >> i think that's exactly right which is why we're not advocating back to prerecessionary spend bug the fact is we're spending about 50% more on aggregate welfare than we were when the recession began. it's a huge, huge increase and under obama's budget it's not scheduled to go down. the trillion dollars a year will go up to a trillion and a half. >> brown: why do you think the numbers have gone up so high in terms of the number of people? >> i think part of it is the economy. no one could deny that. there's serious rates of unemployment that continue but but this program is rife with fraud. it has an outreach to bring peo
terribly illustrative. a lot ofen doing a studying of the united states economy going back to revolutionary times. there were a lot of periods where the economy was very volatile. you were so many booms and busts in the 19th century and so on. the last 25 years, from 1890 to from was very sehgal -- 1990 22 thousand seven, was very stable. 1990 to 2007 was very stable. if you never owned a house you might go from a time when you live alone in a single apartment to where you have to have a roommate back to where you can afford a single apartment and back and forth depending on what is.economy if people lose that resiliency they feel there is no opportunities to get ahead. that is basically what i want to say. journal.comnational -- but he railed along the way -- schedule got derailed on long the way. the senate would tackle a number of nominations. the employee nondiscrimination act and drug legislation -- one clarification, the houses back next week. they will return after the veterans day holiday. sandy is joining us from phoenix, arizona. you say this is not the land of opportunity. why is
that, currently standing at $17.1 trillion which is over 100% of the size of our economy. during that same 2006 debt limit debate, then-senator biden said -- quote -- "my vote against the debt limit increase cannot change the fact that we have incurred this debt already and will no doubt incur more. it is a statement that i refuse to be associated with the policies that brought us to this point"-- unquote. that was then-senator biden. mr. president, things have certainly changed since 2006. now president obama and vice president joe biden preside over an administration that tells us that raising the debt limit is merely a matter of paying our bills and is a a reflection of decisions made in congress. yet while it is ostensibly true congress has the power to raise the debt limit, it is not true that congress makes spending decisions. unilaterally. with no role being played by the executive branch. no amount of spending can be enacted without the president signing it into law. in addition, the president submits a budget every year. the white house also issues policy statements and
that this body could do for the american people, for the economy and for the taxpayers. tomorrow, the senate budget conference that was established as part of this recent agreement that was made over reopening the government and extending the debt limit will meet. this will be the first public meeting of the group. we have had some other meetings, including one i just had with some of the members of that group, but this is the first opportunity for us to meet as house members, senate members, republicans and democrats in this budget conference. and it couldn't come soon enough. the opportunity we have with this group is that in the wake of what happened at the beginning of this month, which was again a government shutdown and then a debt limit debate and then pushing right up against the debt limit, the opportunity we have now is to finally deal with this issue of government shutdowns and to deal with the underlying problem of what we're spending that forces us to extend the debt limit time and time again. so let's start with the government shutdowns. the agreement that was agreed to opened
in massachusetts and the national economy, the incredible growth of clean energy, energy efficiency and the jobs that come with these industries. according to the massachusetts clean energy center, our state alone has gained 20,000 jobs in these sectors since 2010, with another 10,000 new jobs expected in the next year alone. massachusetts has become the nation's most energy-efficient state. boston is ranked as the nation's most energy-efficient city. our shores will host the first offshore wind farm with a new construction terminal built in new bedford, allowing our fishermen to work alongside our wind energy workers. massachusetts is number seven in the nation in deploying solar energy, even though we're more well known for the perfect storm than perfectly sunny days. these advances, these jobs, these technologies have flourished in massachusetts because we have set the right policies and encouraged our companies to lead. massachusetts governor deval patrick set high goals for clean energy in our state and we have already surpassed them. boston mayor tom men even owe wanted -- menino wanted bo
-year treasury usually tracks the nominal growth rate of the u.s. economy. it's 2% real and 1.5-2% inflation. so i think the ten-year treasury yield is heading up. and i think if you hold treasuries or utilities or telecommunications stocks, you know, you're going to be affected negatively by the rise in yields. liz: from an investment stand point, what keeps you up at night lately? >> what keeps me up at night lately is a nonrecurring event, so-called gray rhino, you know? something that's very dangerous but hard to see in the bush. so it could be another terrorist attack, it could be the, some serious pollution problems in china, it could be iran deciding they're not going to negotiate on their nuclear program or syria not turning over all of its chemical weapons. but all those things seem to be going well now. so the background factors seem to be favorable. liz: let me bring it back to the federal reserve. when they do decide to begin tapering, will it unravel these markets? >> well, yeah, you got a good glimpse of it in may when bernanke just hinted that he might do some tapering. why are th
and there was no reason. >> think about what the economy was doing in 1999. the u.s. was coming off a period where we had reasonably strong economic growth, the unemployment rate was probably below 5%. it's not necessarily the behavior of the market necessarily, even though there are signs of consistency, it's more the fact we've still got the unemployment rate up above 7% and there's a sense the economy is just not clicking. >> i think it's poetic, that the money section in "usa today" "is the fed inflating a stock bubble," just as we're finally getting to a tapering -- did you hear plosser today? >> saying he wants to cap the signs of the balance sheet. >> he wants a number on the balance sheet. we're back to that. >> well, look, i don't know. i know too many people who own stocks and they're actually happy that they made money. i can't begrudge them. it's been a great time. the fed wanted the wealth effect to come up. all i can say is what has congress done to help the economy. what has the president done? they can't even build a bridge these guys. >> that's why the fed's the only game in town. >> the
. the chicago pmi number really strong. huge upside surprise. maybe the economy is a little bit stronger if we see a follow through with the national isn tomorrow suggesting a taper may be sooner rather than later. we also have a talk about facebook shares. this is up 18% after the hours. soft this morning. investors are concentrating on choosing younger teens back in school not using facebook as much. also facebook is not increasing the frequency of it as they show the users. some analysts comments. i see one downgrade, at least 12 brokerages are raising their price targets on the stock of the same time. 7250. back to you. connell: now let's get to these numbers on the president. president obama's job approval has dropped to an all-time low. 42% of americans approve, 41% disapprove. dagen: monica crowley fox news exhibitor and host, where does it go now that he has kind of been exposed for not telling the full truth about the health care law? review the over and over again for years. >> like your health care and your doctor, you can keep these things. now know it is not true. the "wall street
in ransom money. a study by the u.n. and the world bank says the piracy cost the global economy $18 billion. pirates use the money to pay for crime, including human and weapons trafficking and funding militias. >> the immediate closure of a mine in a town after 92 people women and children died of thirst trying to cross the sahara desert. traffickers who transport people through niger will be severely punished. >> an unofficial referendum to decide the future of abeyei has done little to clarify the position of the region. sudan and south sudan has claims on the oil-rich territory. 99.4% of people - mainly from the ngok dinka tribe voted in favour of joining the south. a rival group boycotted the vote. the result is not recognised by either government. al jazeera's peter greste reports on the difficulties of running abeyei. >>. >> number four, you have recognition which is important. ... >> this is abeyei's new state government. a local committee meeting under a tree. these are the people who organised the unofficial referendum among the ngok dinka. they voted 99.9% to reject sudan, and ins
's troughing. >> any reflection on the industrial economy? >> you know kleinfeld. alcoa is up $1 since that call. 1.25. told you that trucks were a little bit hurting. eaton, sandy cutler said trucks are troughing. you knee what this makes me feel? makes me feel a little better about caterpillar. a lot of people where the gang couldn't shoot straight, i myself was kit call about it. cummings is a great company. it has a lot to do with mining trucks. mining trucks. but i'm not walking away from cummins, even if they tell me to! it's too great an american company. >> and get a chance to buy it cleaner today. >> all right. we're going to keep an eye on stocks, including what's coming up at the opening bell. ♪ [ male announcer ] staying warm and dry has never been our priority. our priority is, was and always will be serving you, the american people. so we improved priority mail flat rate to give you a more reliable way to ship. now with tracking up to eleven scans, specified delivery dates, and free insurance up to $50 all for the same low rate. [ woman ] we are the united states postal
'shers's a look at the dollar. >>> more signs for a growth in china's domestic economy. the october reading came in at 56.3. that was from september's 55.4. but it's not all smooth sailing. the subindex of new orders fell indicating possible weakness ahead. sectors such as real estate and food and drinks also showed contraction. >>> let me tell you what's coming up on today's show. the battle for blackberry comes to an end as the deadline draws closer for potential suitors looking to outbid fairfax financial. we have the latest at 11:30 cet. >>> then the greek government looks to help them achieve a better gdp in the third quarter. we speak to the ceo of the greek hospitality firm. at 10:45 cet. >>> then over to cairo. former egyptian president muhammad goes on trial. -- mohammed morsi goes on trial. >>> ross is meeting with the deputy prime minister of poland to discuss the merits of e.u. membership at 10:20 cet. >>> this is a look at the overall tone across european markets this morning. you can see mostly a sweep of green. just a couple of red bars along the bottom here, but overall we have a
the economy but let congress write the bill but it ended up being a stupid bill that did not stimulate the economy. >> today i particularly appreciated the woman testifying who is head of cms because she apologized. i actually can accept, you know, when people make mistakes. it's tough to be president. it's tough to be any of these jobs. they are really rough and if you make a mistake. when you keep telling us and in the face of reality is something different, it does, at least for me, undermine my confidence. you know, don't keep telling me something that just simply is not true and then when you get caught with your pants down at least say you are sorry and explain it >> yeah. look, let's be clear about this. this is not the only outright distortion, deception, untruth being said, told by the president about the affordable care act. he also said our premiums would go down. they have not gone down. he said it would reduce the total amount of healthcare spending in the country, that's not true. he said it would not add a dime to the deficit. instead, sure it does, it borrows half a tri
is the most regulated area virtually of the entire economy. in other words, you don't just get on the back of the truck and start selling insurance policies. they have to go through very rigid local, state regulations. so the president blaming insurance companies here, i think that really hurt him when he went there. >> i do think both of you are right in terms of the credibility problem. i don't think we see that yet in the data. the new kaiser poll released today, more americans want to keep or expand. or go back to the status quo we had before obama care. so the numbers actually don't add up yet. but this is a long time, right? unless they fix this in a short amount of time and people can experience it in a way that is positive, those numbers will go down. but here is another number. 97% of americans are unaffected by this disastrous roll-out. that's according to jonathan gruber, an m.i.t. economist. >> and barack obama. >> i understand. we've had gruber on here. these stories are awful. they don't really add up. >> that assumes you're not including the employer-based insurance. >> well
teaching entrepreneurship, it was a great economy. now everybody's excited about entreprene entrepreneurship that we started twentysome years ago. we are inundated every day by someone at some capacity calling us, wanting help in their exist businesses, wanting to start their business. >> jerome spends a great deal of time helping people realize their dreams. he has a special focus on helping people living in urban areas impacted by the vicious cycle of violence. he recalls how violence hit his family while living in detroit. his own son was among several teens that was shot while attending a fireworks celebration. >> that's the greatest shock you can ever get, that your son has been shot for no reason. >> jerome says the blood stained t-shirt that his son was wearing the night he got shot. >> i want to use this to stand up to tell parents to never think this isn't going to happen to them, that aren't doing anything, to go out and save our young people, that are looking to our young people, and i communicate to them this can happen to you. >> jerome and his wife launched the
times. then voted to shut down the government hurting kentucky's economy. mitch mcconnell can't light the house on fire and then claim credit for putting it out especially while it's still burning. >> that is a web ad from the grimes campaign. fume pyrotecpyrotechnics. >> the sub text of this ad is the games senator mcconnell is playing in washington are hurting kentuckyians. that's the message that the grimes campaign is going to try to push. at the same time senator mcconnell has a two front battle coming up in the spring. he first has a republican primary against tea partiers. this is why you see senator mcconnell his allies in washington increasingly worried about a race that people thought would be tough but fine the end. now republicans in washington are predicting how it will come out. >> we'll see if this s.a.d. precursor for 2014 democratic strategy of going after tea partiers. >> looks like they are taking that step. mike, thanks so much. >>> coming up next the founder of dead spin, will leach big cardinals fan along with mike barnacle. i can't remember who he roots for. th
into it because the threat of doom and gloom did not come to pass. that was damaging to the economy. the market was higher by the end of the showdown and people were focused on the economy nothing focused on government. connell: you cry wolf. dagen: that is what it will be out from this time on out. a crisis created by those in washington, isn't that the danger? >> that is very much the danger. they may be overstepped their bounds extracting too much policy. would not have a tailwind because of that. what we need is stimulus policy. the healt health care because wu think about it creates uncertainty and take time away from management of companies, their thinking about it, it is a change. that is a drag. connell: kevin, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. connell: and noted obama supporters outraged that united states is spying on allies. so, we are bringing in our good friend former cia agent mike baker to talk about that with us. dagen: facebook has a new addition to determine whether or not you should spend money on your significant other. connell: sending your luggage ahead of time. the
to watch the fed. the fed happen pumping money into the economy and today we hear policy makers will finally begin pulling back, which would lead to higher interest rates. last month, the fed shocked wall street announcing no change to a stimulus program. markets rose sharply because investors realize money would stay cheap. no surprises are expected today. everyone beliefs the central bank will continue buying $85 billion a month in bonds to keep interest rates down. >> what we've seen is tepid economic data. the economy isn't getting rolling. the federal reserve wants to see substantial improvement in the labor market before rolling back policies. we just went through the government shut down and debt ceiling crisis. the idea that they're going to withdraw stimulus at this meeting or the next is not too likely. >> the fed released a statement. stick with aljazeera america for the kind of analysis you just can't get anywhere else. there's also more economic data coming out this morning. it's important, today we get a snapshot of the job market. the payroll company will issue it
the iranian economy which iran needs relief. i think it's a key motivation, i think, for the latest diplomatic flurry. and the turn about israel which considers an iran man nuclear weapon an external threat. those might be incentive to pursue a nuclear weapon or perhaps not pursue a nuclear weapon if there are incentive this being the economic seeing vising economic relief to the people when some of a reduction in regional security which may be the motivations for these program in the first place. i come back again when we think about iran to a choice and the broader an let call appeal, with all due respect to iranian history and culture. and the ideology of the revolution and the government that shouldn't be dismissed. from a process point, an american diplomatic point. there is every reason to test these propositions and the rational way and not the -- iran is weighing the choices. that assessment by clapper was before the election which could be, i think, fairly interpretive as a call for change. and before the diplomatic blitz by him and his foreign minister. and new a new approach a more
out there. what would that mean for the u.s. economy? joining me now, stew varney host of "varney & company" on the fox business network. good morning to you. >> good morning, martha. martha: a lot of people have mixed reactions to the whole thing. some people said, well, you know what, if it is delayed that could be a good thing. >> that is the case. let's suppose we delay the individual mandate for one full year, put it off for a year, or even if we enhance and extend the enrollment period, any kind of delay will be taken as good news for the economy because people, employers will be more willing to hire. you take that extra burden of higher health care costs off america's middle class. so any hint of a delay, that is it what you're getting now is positive for the overall economy. by the way, martha, the stock market will open a little bit higher this morning, a little bit higher because of these hints of, a delay in obamacare, and because the weakness in the economy now means that janet yellen and federal reserve will keep on printing dollars. you have this extraordinary positi
a hit at the time when the u.s. economy is struggling to get over the 2008 financial collapse. from friday benefits for a family of four receiving the maximum food stamp allotment drops by 5.4%, the equivalent of $36 per month, and that works out to be $420 per year, according to the u.s. department of agriculture that has done the match. of course it matters to poor families around the country, but it matters to all of us. according to moody's anna littics every $1 spent in the form of a food stamp in a shop in this country generates $1.73 worth of what they call gdp, economic growth. this is what economists refer to as the multiplier effect which is explained by saying when they take the money in the cash is distributed throughout the economy of the store, the sally of the checkout person -- salary of the checkout person and security guard and the store gets revenue to buy goods to sell us down the road. put in its simplest form foodstamps are an immediate way of stimulating the economy. that will be dented by friday's reductions, and more cuts are on the horizon. congress is disc
in the industry. investment is part of our economy. one of the reasons that i enthusiastically answered the president's call to take the job. our public lands are poured in some anyways. the drive our economy than they also drive things that fuel the sole. -- the soul. you have to seize an opportunity to make a difference. we have a chance to make a difference at interior on some of the defining issues of our time. climate change. from 71 degrees north latitude. you see the impact of climate change everywhere. we need to move our country toward energy independence. we also need to honor our proud conservation legacy. i want to thank president obama for his confidence in me. i want to thank the senate for agreeing with him. that is the job. the timing, that was a little off. i came into thinking, great, long-term. then there is a continuing resolution that is funding us a few months at a time. i started in april, and sequestration was there. that is the nuttiest thing i have heard out. including the things that are most important that needed to be cut. we had to cut across the board. i h
this generation of arabs to have antiquated economies into the 21st century. ince the ouster of ben ali and mubarak, we will allow to direct resources at specific sectors that can help drive economic growth as well as improve the quality of life for ordinary people. in coming years, these economies will need to boost sustained workers and families and provide economic situations for sustainibility. but that can't be an excuse to put off political reform now, because capital flows will not resume until investors have some confidence that their money is safe. and periences both egypt tunisia, both countries emerged from their respective revolutions with energized islamist movements that -- in large measure because the old government left political islamist governments as the only viable alternative. and in both countries, this experiment failed as a result of overreaching and a misreading of the people's wishes, a development that should ease the fears of those who see a green wave sweeping across the middle east. the dysfunction in both cairo and tunis and the egyptian military's deposi
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for the singer. >>> and welcome back. the economy still appears to be struggling and the government shutdown did not help. a number of new report this is week are expected to show the economy struggling to gain traction. with little economic growth, the federal reserve is expected to keep holding down interest rates. >>> retail rrs counting on this week's holiday to boost sales. hall wooen spending is second to christmas. we're likely to shell out $7 billion, double what was spent eight years ago. those haunted house attractions will scare up another billion. >> that's amazing. >>> hate your job? a new study says it will get better. >> thank the lord. >> resermers have found that older workers are the happiest. 9 out of 10 people aged 50 or older are satisfied or somewhat satisfied. >> only 35 more years to go until we're happy, diane that. >> keep on hanging on. >>> an accident prone grandpa topped the box office. bad grandpa, $32 million. gravity fell to earth with 20 pbt 3 million. and captain phillips with 11.8. >>> sad news from the music world this morning. one of the fathers of rock 'n' r
to improve the economy and help consumers spend more. > >absolutely. we saw oil touch 96 last week. which actually is a very big number. it's a very big support number. if it hits down there again 92 1/2 is the next stop. > >alright, scott bauer you have a good day out there. thanks so much. > >thank you. in our cover story, barneys new york, a luxury retail clothing store is defending itself against allegations of racial profiling. the claims being made after two separate incidents that had police questioning african-american shoppers who'd just made expensive purchases. this week, the head of barneys is meeting with representatives from rev. al sharpton's national action network. barneys new york, a high-end retailer with stores across the u-s is accused of calling police to investigate purchases made by african-american shoppers. in february, 21-year-old kayla phillips was, questioned after buying a 23-hundred dollar handbag with a temporary debit card with no name on it, and in april, 19-year-old trayon christian, who bought a 350- dollar belt also with an atm card, soon found himself
toward that we're talking about one-sixth of the economy that is now vulnerable because a website, as the president put it, didn't work because obama care itself is built now on what we see as a very, very faulty assumption and presumption because of the mandate that young people are going to sign up for health care that they typically do not need. these riks are very high. where are the republicans headed now, and what is the course you all will follow? >> well, we are going to continue to get to the bottom of this. you know, you pointed out one major issue here, and the cybersecurity issue, as you heard, that we're very concerned about that. you know, there are americans who are managing to get onto the website at this point at some time, and they are vulnerable to cybersecurity issues. if you saw sebelius, she looked like a deer in the headlights because she couldn't answer those questions. at the same time, how long are we going to continue in this failed policy? we don't have to go down this road. we can end it. this thing is dying of self-inflicted mortal wounds. and we can'
% of gdp in the future. this is because come as the economy starts to recover, interest rates will go up. paying the interest on that debt -- that is the concern us budgeteers have. it is good and it is positive, but it is the long-term risk that we are facing with the accumulation of debt. host: i wait to focus on paul ryan for a second. he was part of the simpson- bowles commission. he voted against it. was not part of that 2011 supercommittee effort. how do you think democrats see him as they are entering these negotiations? today prefer him versus john boehner to work with? in fairness, i have to point out that the chairman was a fellow staffer with me in the united states senate when he worked for the senator and wisconsin. we work together on the senate budget committee. i think that yes, chairman ryan definitely has a conservative focus in terms of controlling spending. canas an outlook that we control spending going forward. he focuses correctly on those issues. he isk that yes, dedicated to his position. as is chairman murray. i think that they look to him as one of the budget e
surprised almost everyone and kept pumping money into the economy, buying $85 billion a month in bonds. after the government shutdown and back-to-back economic data came out, most investors think the interest rates will be held down into next year. the fed will pour over three reports, the producer price index tells us about wholesale inflation. keeping inflation under control is one of the fed's key missions. we'll see how shoppers are feeling. retail sales numbers will tell us if people are out spending again. today, consumer confidence figures will let us know how secure shoppers feel. that makes these reports especially important, but one analyst says expectations are low. >> we know from census data that the average income of americans is roughly the same as it's been for the last couple of years, and incomes are in fact 8% below the levels of the last recession, so this is certainly a reason for consumers to be tight-fisted. >> futures are flat, traders waiting for those chick numbers and the fed's decision. stocks barely budged yesterday, investors appearing not wanting to do to
&p, which is up from $1110. that is a big move in a weak economy. >> we keep talking about tapering so much. >> i'm blaming you. >>. >> i have a quick question about christmas. not you, to you, david. i'm over here. are you looking at me? >> i'm looking right at you. >> i thought you were looking behind me. this obama care stuff, if you're paying 200 and all of a sudden you're going to be paying $1,000, is it enough people to where you say i'm cutting back on christmas or would the sequester cut back on christmas or would the shutdown or does it wealth affect for the stock market and the housing situation being better, does that offset that? >> i think it will be a modest christmas at best. they probably will be successful. >> how could that affect the normal person? the normal person shopping for the family at christmas isn't thinking about whether congress has another argument, are they? >> you know, if we have a debt default, and that's going to be all in the news in disease. >> if you work for a defense company, you might be -- right. well, wa about obama? you don't think the sticker sh
important than getting things right in washington. affordable care, we're talking about 1/5 of our economy. certainly there are other important issues and we're working on those. we're having to subpoena documents, get documents from contractors because the secretary and the president won't cooperate, yeah, it will occupy a lot of my birthday but it is worthwhile for the american people. jenna: we understand that you subpoenaed those documents from the health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius. we look forward to checking back in with you. thanks for spending part of your day with us. >> thank you, jenna. jon: for more on the political fallout on all this, i'm joined by monica crowley a familiar face here and fox news contribute to, author of the what the bleep just happened. with us simon rosenberg, former clinton advisor and president and founder of ndn. simon, what about it? six people on the first day, at least according to those notes from the rollout in the war room there? is this, do you fear this is going to be damaging to either your president or your party? >> no beca
that they are willing to hijack the entire party and the country and the economy and grind progress to an absolute halt if they don't get 100% of what they want. if you embrace the very politics that led to this shutdown, i guarantee you it's not in the rear view mirror of voters in virginia they remember. they understand that that is not how you govern and that is not how you move america forward. >> cuccinelli's campaign predicted president obama's visit would energize be republican voters outraged over the obama care rollout exchanges. terry mcauliffe leads cuccinelli by 12 points. >> that's a big gap. >> that's massive. >> we'll see. okay. are we going to go to toronto or should we wait until little center i think we'll do it after the break. you all haven't been that well behaved. >> let's smoke. >> no. let's not. that's bad. >> help me out, willie. >> terry wins this race. christie wins this race. does it mean anything? >> it's a case study. ken cuccinelli has run a tough, hard right campaign. he put out a book questioning social security, medicare. he's been a flame thrower. he called bob mcdonn
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